Dal Net Pakistani ChaneLs!!!!



Chit chat corner  is Online chat room with out registration and with registration. You can gossips with girls and boys. You can join all pakistani chanels through of dal net server through chit chat corner.



Manager/SOp Rules

Managers/SOps should never act bossy with AOps, they are at their service if they need help. Managers/SOps represent the founder when he is not there and can take important decisions without consulting or getting back to him. They are trusted by the founder and are chosen by him.

 AKicks:     These are set for serious channel problems only, not personal reasons. Serious problems include mass invites, spamming, constant user harassment and persistent disregard of channel rules, as well as ban evasion. They should be recycled every period of time. Never remove an Akick placed by another Manager/SOp or the founder.

 AOps:     Do not add any AOp unless you have the approval of the founder and other Managers/SOps. You also have to be sure that the person you want to add to AOp list has no problems with other operators. Always help AOps when they have problems, do not take the party of your friends, take the party of the ones who are right. When an AOp breaks a rule, deop him/her without warning and discuss the re-opping of that person later. Don’t re-add an Operator who was de-opped by another Manager/SOp.

  1.  Bans:     Clear the ban list from time to time, but not very often. Note that when the ban list is cleared, other ops bans also get cleared. Please do try to remove server bans after a split. To do that, you part the channel and rejoin (cycle), then you clear the bans, but only after the splits have stopped.
    AOp Rules
    #Media Operators team is chosen with great care. We are one of the biggest IRC channels on DALnet and our users deserve the best operators that we can provide. We pick new people to op carefully, we care and are always looking for real loyal/faithful people who wish to be operat,ors and are ready to help the channel. Our operators are NEVER chosen for their thoughts, religion or political beliefs. An AOp who doesn’t apply to all the rules (except in extraordinary cases) stated below, will be removed from the AOp list. We would like to remind you that #Media is not a military regime, therefore the use of your brains is necessary when it comes to applying the rules. We do not want rules to be applied in cases where it might be disruptive to the channel.

 Joining: Join the channel whenever you are on DALnet. Busy? Deop yourself but stay in the channel.

 Help: Show yourself being helpful with new users and make sure they will return to the channel.

 No Fighting: Always clear up problems with operators and do not add to issues. Do NOT take up your fight with another op on the main. You can complain to the founder or to an SOp , but try your best to not go into a fight.

 Kicking and banning: Warn the user when he abuses his rights, ban him the second time. Never kickban (kicking and then banning) without warning first, especially when it’s for using caps, and do NOT kickban anyone for personal reasons or just for fun. The kick message should state the reason that made you kick the user. It is always preferable you use ban mask 2 (*!*@host.domain.net).

 Voicing: The +v (Voice) is reserved for active users. Usually, Pigeon (The channel operator BOT) is taking care of active chatters and voicing them. It also devoices them after a period of silence. We want the channel to be active with conversations and debates as well as trivia game.

 Protection Scripts: Protection scripts are not allowed. We already have our Channel Protection Bots opped there in the channel. 

 Operators: It is Strictly forbidden for an AOp to clear the ban list, and/or to unban other Op’s bans.

 Sharing: Password and BNC sharing is NOT allowed and will result to an instant deopping.

 Respect: Never swear at users and Never de-op or kick another operator. As an operator of #Media, you represent the channel as an entity. Do NOT boss another AOp because no one is better than the other.

 Services: When services are down (ChanServ, NickServ and MemoServ are absent) never Op a user who isn’t on the AOp list, and when you +o an AOp, make sure of his/her identity. If a takeover takes place as a result of the opping of an enemy, YOU will be held responsible and will be immediately be deopped.

 Op Notice: Op notices are not for fun and chat, they are only for channel matters. If you want to have fun and chat, you can do it on the main channel.

 Activity: The channel activity is your responsibility; Ops aren’t Oped to idle in the channel. We shall build a good conversation between other ops and by doing so users will find a chance to join the conversation or debate respectfully; that way the channel will be active.

 Promotion to SOp: It just depends on your performance in the channel with staff and users. Don’t ask for it, we’ll notice you.
User Rules
We’re an open IRC chatting channel to everyone. We expect you to behave, have a decent, well, respectful chat time with others so you enjoy your stay. We don’t allow harassment to our users. Trolls are kicked out of the channel. We know that you’re not going to text/notice flood the channel in order to have a nice chat. We are a well respected channel so we expect you to behave accordingly.

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